My Holiday to Moraira


Moraira is quite simply one of the most wonderful holiday destinations on the planet. With friendly locals, gorgeous weather and a heady mix of sights, sounds, foods and entertainment on offer it is the perfect place to come for a fantastic holiday.


A two week break is a good amount of time to allow yourself to fully enjoy all that is on offer in the area. We could have stayed longer though of course! The summer months are baking hot with June, July and August averages of around 25-30 degrees and not dropping much lower at night time. However even as early as April and as late as October you can enjoy some beautifully hot days and sea temperatures still warm enough to enjoy a bit of a dip! We went at the end of May and spent two glorious weeks where there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!


While a lot of time was spent on the amazing beaches and lazing around at our beautiful villa, we also made sure we spent plenty of time exploring the local area, whether that was going for splendid walks around the beautiful area, enjoying spectacular views of the sea, trying the amazing local cuisine, wandering around bustling markets and of course doing a good bit of holiday shopping!


There are plenty of excellent places to stay in Moraira, we would personally recommend hiring a villa as this gives you the freedom and flexibility to come and go as you please, really make a home away from home and spend lazy mornings relaxing in your own space. It means you are completely unrestricted and while we ate out most days and nights breakfast and the occasional dinner was spent sitting on our lovely patio followed by a swim in the rather luxurious pool –we could hardly think of a better way to start the day, and if you are on a tight budget then having the option to buy from the markets and cook at home is obviously going to be better for your wallet.



Saying that eating out in Moraira is not an expensive affair, and plenty of memorable meals were had without having to hand over a fortune at the end of the night. Our advice would be to go local wherever possible as there you are likely to be eating a dish prepared with loving care, using the freshest of ingredients and made following a recipe that has been handed down through the generations. You can expect to find classic mouth-watering Spanish dishes on offer in abundance in this pretty town. Hearty paella –a historic rice dish of Valencian descent is served with seafood, meats, vegetables and generous helpings of spices.


Most restaurants will offer a Menu del Dia (Menu of the day) which is usually a three course affair including drinks at a bargain price and will make sure no one goes hungry! Meat lovers will not be disappointed wither as there are plenty of hearty meat dishes on offer as well. Some memorable restaurants we went to during our stay include Terra Vina, a cosy tapas bar with an authentic Spanish atmosphere, El Refugio, which is great value for money and does excellent seafood, La Senieta, with chateaubriand to die for and El Chamizo just but to mention a handful.


Of course the wines are just as important as the food, and in Moraira you will find a wide variety of choice but usually very good quality. Wines tend to be locally sourced from the beautiful vineyards which surround the area and wine lovers can expect to be truly impressed.


Being a coastal town with  a history firmly rooted in fishing it is quite right that the seafood on offer in Moraira deserves a mention all of its own. Being situated by the sea means that visitors can (and should) expect that when they order a seafood dish that it is fresh and caught that day. Indded some of the best seafood we have ever tasted has been during our holiday to Moraira where the variety and quality is second to none.  From sea bass to squid, eel, lobster, and prawns, cooked in a variety of ways to create incredible moreish and mouth-watering culinary dishes such as À la plancha, Pulchero de Pulpo, Sopa de Pescado are as elaborate and delicious as they sound. Time and care goes into every stage of the preparation of these dishes and the results are truly worth it.


The beauty of this historic coastal town cannot be denied. In fact it has only become popular as a tourist destination relatively recently. In the 1970’s it was a undiscovered peaceful fishing village where a cluster of fisherman’s cottages made up the area and not much more. Now with its thriving tourist industry, its permanent population of around 9,500 swells to over 30,000 during the busy summer season!


The once sleepy fishing villages however still retain their beauty and charm and despite its changing face the locals remain completely unchanged and do not seem perturbed by the invasion of tourists each year instead remaining welcoming a friendly and simply getting on with what they know best. The Friday market is an absolute must and where you will meet many of them selling their wares and are generally happy to chat to you however poor your Spanish may be!


The beauty of Moraira is further accentuated when observing the gorgeous azure blue Mediterranean canals that sprawl through the town. The local authorities have ensured that its history and charm is retained and have been very careful about what they have allowed to be built. For instance, they do not allow high rise buildings to spoil the Moraira skylines. In fact, before any building is built, the town hall has to make sure that it adheres to their strict guidelines.


If you want a couple of more active days slotted into your beach and wandering time then Moraira has plenty to offer. There is some great diving off the coast and snorkeling for the kids. Other fun activities we tried included hiring dinghies, kayaking and we even went bowling one night too! One thing we were sad to miss was the amazing Christians and Moor festivals which are both held in June. On these days all the people in the area come together and line in the streets as amazing colourful parades come past as well as plenty of live outdoor music and street food stalls are there for your entertainment and pleasure. It is topped off with a truly awe inspiring display of fireworks as well.


We will certainly return to Moraira for another summer holiday in the future with its grate rates or Moraira villas, amazing food, great weather and plenty to see and do it is the perfect holiday for all the family.