Holiday in Javea

Javea Holidays

When travelling abroad for pleasure, you will quickly rush to search for a country along the beach with lots of sun to ton your skin. Well look no further than in Spain. Spain consists of four main regions that lie along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Among these regions is the Costa Blanca region that bares the coastal town named Javea.


Javea is one of the most celebrated towns in the Costa Blanca region amounting to two thirds of its population as tourists. Javea is an interesting town which experiences approximately of 325 sunny days in a year. This attracts tourists from North America especially during the winter season. The summer on the other hand is ideal for all tourists from around the globe. They enjoy the sunny beaches with great sand and the sun that is good for toning skin.


The coastal town is most famous for its beaches and the joys that it brings with it. The clear blue waters favor scuba divers who enjoy exploring the underwater sceneries and creatures. Sailing in the ferry which has a glass frame in its underground compartment is utterly breath-taking because tourists get to view the underwater life showcase its beauty. The beach is also fantastic for swimming and relaxing along the shores. The beach of Playa Arenal is ideal for children because of its shallow waters.


Villas and cottages is another feature that outstands in Javea town. Beautiful villas that stand isolated on mountain slopes and on the edge of cliffs clearly show the inspiration. Most of them are equipped with unlimited internet access, large parking spaces and a swimming pool. Cottages on the other hand are simple and most suitable for tourists who just want to relax in the midst of the town unlike in villas who love isolation.


Javea is home for archeological sites. Natural Park of Montgo is one of the most visited parks. Here tourists learn of the history of ancient people with the background of Christianity. Pilgrims adore these parks because they are able to learn more of their culture.


Visiting the old town of Javea is also a beautiful experience. The town is rich in medieval history as it is built with original Tosca. Strolling down the ancient narrow streets and visiting the Gothic Church of San Bartolome that is dated 15 centuries back is simply a life changer!


Javea contains viewpoints known as Miradors of Javea. These are considered to be the windows of Javea. Fourteen strategic and breathtaking views starting from the first viewpoint that is in the Cap San Antonio, Javea north following each other to the last that is in Javea Granadella beach, Javea south. Each gives an overview of the town and the sea.




In summary, Javea is a small town with big experiences. Both Spanians and tourists share their different cultures and in unison have a great time together. A holiday in Javea is truly a worthy cause of money and time.